Commercial Garage Door Repair

Commercial garage doors are heavy-duty, and while that impressive size and weight help them to protect the contents of your business or organization, they can also make repairs difficult. The heavy door puts extreme strain on the garage door’s components, and while this equipment can handle these strains, malfunctions may still occur. Unfortunately, because of the size and quality of this equipment, repairs are not always simple. Thankfully, you don’t need to handle repairs yourself—you can rely on the Pittsburgh commercial garage door repair professionals at Steel City Garage Doors to get your garage door back in working condition.

At Steel City Garage Doors, we have nearly 100 years of accumulated experience with garage doors. Since we’ve been in the industry for over 60 years, we can handle all kinds of garage door issues, including installation, replacements, maintenance, and repairs. We’re the commercial door repair service you can count on to get your commercial garage door back in working condition in no time at all. With our experience, we can easily identify and repair whatever issue your garage door is facing, whether that’s an issue with:

  • Springs
  • Remotes
  • Opener mechanisms
  • Sensors
  • Drive belts
  • Chain hoists
  • Safety beams

There’s a lot that can go wrong with your garage door, but you don’t have to play the guessing game to fix it. Let Steel City Garage Doors handle your commercial garage door repair and get everything back in working order.

No matter what kind of issue you’re facing with your garage door, it’s easy to think it’s not too big of a deal. Unusual noises or slow opening can seem like minor inconveniences, but neglecting these issues is a surefire way to put your garage door in a worse position and even damage your organization or business. Instead of letting these issues fester, it’s important to get a handle on them sooner rather than later. Slight trouble opening or closing your door could signal there’s an issue with an internal component—and that’s an issue that Steel City Garage Doors can fix. If you notice signs that something is out of the ordinary but don’t take the proper action, your garage door could break and hurt you or others.

If you need commercial garage door repair in Pittsburgh but don’t know where to go, let Steel City Garage Doors take care of you. We can handle simple repairs, but we’re also ready to respond to emergency situations. We do everything we can to respond to your issues 24-7, 365 days a year. No matter what kind of issue you’re having, you shouldn’t take care of it yourself—let the professionals get your commercial garage door back in working order in no time at all. Our technicians have the years of experience and knowledge needed to handle garage door issues of all shapes and sizes.


We offer both 24/7 emergency services and same-day services. We keep our trucks stocked with replacement parts to get your project completed as quickly as possible.


Whether you need a new garage door or some simple repairs to spruce up appearance and functionality, our professionals are happy to assist you.