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Steel City Garage Doors sells, installs, and repairs all major brands and types of residential garage door openers. For nearly 25 years, we have specialized in commercial and residential garage doors, servicing the entire Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. People depend on their garage doors to properly open and close, and the professionals at Steel City Garage Doors know how to ensure your garage door opener works reliably for years. 

Our professional experts will listen to your concerns, check out your existing garage door, and recommend the right product for your needs. Never worry about the functionality and reliability of your door again with your new set of garage door openers.

So What is the best Garage door opener brand in the market?

After we investigated and worked with major brand garage door opener, we feel confident to recommend on the industry leader and most popular garage door opener LiftMaster® professional series made by Chamberlin. 

As our long experience with so many years on the Garage door industry, these openers are the best openers that exist in the market. LiftMaster residential garage door openers are known for their high quality, helping you open and close your garage door with ease. 

We recommend LiftMaster® to be your next garage door opener, and we give you the first year warranty through us for any new opener installation. 

Here at Steel City Garage Doors, our 24/7 line of garage door opener specialists will support you through the first year and give you peace of mind for the first year after purchasing your new garage door opener. 

Garage Door Opener

Let our garage door expert technicians help you to choose the perfect solution for your new residential garage door opener.
We can offer you many options; from a simple basic 1/2 HP chain drive, to exclusive DC motor belt drive with battery backup from the Lift Master Elite series®.

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Liftmaster Garage Openers

There are three popular residential garage door opener drives in the market:

Liftmaster Garage Openers

Garage Door Opener With a Belt Drive

The belt drive garage door opener is usually considered in the ‘Garage door opener market’ as the best you can get. They are very quiet, the belt isn’t getting rusty at all, they are very clean due to not having to grease them every few months. They are mostly maintenance free openers, and are typically the most expensive once. If you have an attach garage and the opener noise bother you it probably can be your best solution.

Liftmaster Garage Openers

Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

This opener uses the traditional drive and is probably the most popular opener. The chain and the opener bar need greasing once every few years, and its not as quiet as the belt drive. We recommend to use the chain drive for heavy duty doors, commercial doors and for low budget projects.

Liftmaster Garage Openers

Screw Drive Garage Door Opener

Not recommended using in cold area, such as PA. Usually not as quiet as the belt or chain drive, and they need much more maintenance. It has the slowest operation out of those 3 garage door openers.


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