Your garage is a vital extension of your home. However, this often neglected space becomes one of the most vulnerable parts of your house when nature decides to throw a curveball in the form of a flood. Here are three tips for protecting your garage from flooding so you can keep it and the rest of your house safe from water damage.

1. Seal the Cracks

The first step to flood-proofing your garage involves a careful inspection of all cracks or gaps in the structure. Water can find its way into the tiniest openings, so it helps to prepare. Visual checks per quarter are fine, but it’s a good idea to double-check all possible openings after significant seismic events.

Start with examining the foundation and walls for any visible splits. Many sealant options are available—from simple silicone to more durable epoxy—so your choice depends on the size of the fissures and your local climate.

2. Elevate or Encase

Keeping more valuable items off the ground is another helpful tip for protecting your garage from flooding. You may want to consider installing storage shelves or cabinets that raise your items at least a foot above the highest likely flood level, whether it’s gardening equipment, priceless keepsakes, or emergency kits.

Plastic storage bins are a versatile, cost-effective alternative if you don’t want to install shelves. Select rugged containers and make sure they seal securely; vacuum sealing bags for textiles can be an added well of resilience against water. Remember that boxes can weaken over time, so remember to occasionally check to see if they’re still in good condition.

3. Plan and Prepare

Flood waters can rise surprisingly quickly. Having a plan in place for your garage can save you a lot of time and stress. Preparing your garage could involve moving valuable items to higher ground or even drilling weep holes to prevent water from accumulating if a flood is imminent.

Familiarize yourself with how the local drainage systems work and understand the water-flow patterns around your home. This knowledge could dictate the best places to install barriers, like sandbags or water-filled dams. Having a contractor install flood shields on your windows may be well worth the investment in some cases.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to secure your garage against the forces of nature. Protect your home and valuables by ensuring your garage door is in top condition. At Steel City Garage Doors, we specialize in providing a comprehensive garage door repair service in Pittsburgh to keep your home safe and dry, no matter the weather outside. Contact us today for an inspection and see how we can fortify your garage against floods.