The garage door helps to protect your home while providing a space for your car and any other things in need of storage, but it’s not always perfect. Different components can wear down, including the garage door rollers. They allow the door to open and close smoothly. Stay on the lookout for these signs you need to replace your garage door rollers, and make your door as good as new!

Loud Noises

A garage door should make little noise when you open and close it, but it can make loud noises when something is wrong. If your door is making much more noise than normal, there’s probably something wrong with the rollers. They are supposed to facilitate smooth garage door movement, but that is replaced by friction when they wear out. They may be worn down, but with some lubrication or replacements, your door will operate quietly again.

Uneven Movement

Another sign of problems with your garage door rollers is uneven movement. As you know, your garage door should open and close smoothly and quietly. Worn-out rollers can cause uneven movement. Another cause could be misaligned tracks, but you won’t be able to tell unless you get up there and look at the rollers and track. Whatever the cause behind the uneven movement, you should take care of it sooner rather than later.

Stuck Door

If your door is stuck, not opening or closing, the rollers are likely culprits. Worn-down rollers don’t adequately support a garage door, so it will get stuck when you try to open it. Wear is normal over time, but with some fixes or replacements, your door will open and close as it should.

Corroded Rollers

Corrosion is a common sign of problematic garage door rollers, but you might not suspect it initially. Another issue you should be on the lookout for is corroded rollers, but you likely won’t be able to spot them until you inspect them. Perform regular inspections so you can spot roller corrosion and take care of it before it creates worse issues with your door.

Though you know some of the most common signs your garage door rollers need to be replaced, you may not be equipped to address them. Thankfully, you don’t need to worry when you have Steel City Garage Doors backing you up. As a Pittsburgh garage door repair company, we will get your garage door the rollers it needs to function like new again!