Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling your existing space, you must make some important decisions and compromises. One of those important decisions you’ll make involves choosing between a carport or garage. They both have advantages, but knowing which one is right for your home will require research so that you can fully understand their key differences.

Safe Storage

Aside from keeping vehicles safe, one of the most common uses for garages and carports is to store other items. People store all kinds of items in these spaces, including:
  • Yard equipment
  • Bicycles
  • Winter decorations
  • Extra food
There may be some junk in these spaces, too, but often, these areas are viewed as extra storage spaces that protect items against harsh weather, pests, or theft. Unfortunately, a carport can’t offer the same protection that a garage can. It is much easier for your stored items to stay safe in a garage than in a carport.

Installation Time

Carports may not be able to protect your items as well as garages can, but carports are simple and don’t require a complicated installation. Garages require a lot of concrete to construct the foundation and walls, and you’ll also need to consider a door. Carports, on the other hand, are relatively simple and have a much quicker installation time.

Total Cost

In addition to taking less time to install, carports are also relatively cheaper. The price of garages can vary depending on factors such as style and materials used. Carports cost much less. A good way to estimate the cost is by considering material usage. A large part of the price of these additions comes down to labor and materials, and using fewer materials and installing carports quicker means that the price will be much lower than with a garage.

Curb Appeal

While carports are normally cheaper and quicker to install, they have one drawback—curb appeal. You can make a carport with quality materials, but it may still clash with the design of your home, and it will leave your vehicle and any stored items visible to passersby. Alternatively, people often match their garages to their homes to create a more cohesive look, and the only things they leave visible are the door and the structure itself.

Customization Potential

Another variable you must consider when choosing between a carport and a garage is the customization potential. In a carport, you can store your vehicle and other items, but the most you can do outside of that is set out a table and chairs to entertain on occasion. Conversely, you can turn a garage into anything you want—you can use it for storage or create a media room, guest bedroom, or arts and crafts room, among many other things. The possibilities are endless, while your options with a carport are incredibly limited. Even after learning more about them and their advantages, choosing between a carport and a garage can still be tricky. Regardless of the option you choose, it’s important to remember that you need a professional who can install the attachment properly. Don’t hesitate to contact Steel City Garage Doors for all your Pittsburgh garage door installation and repair needs. We’ll help install your door so that it looks nice and remains functional for years!