You can do a lot of different things to add value to your home. Some people like to go the whole renovation route and basically build an entirely new home, whereas others prefer to do things slowly over time, incorporating small upgrades here and there. Whichever path you want to go down, you can’t neglect the garage door. Continue reading to learn how new garage doors can add value to your home.

Better Security

An important reason that garage doors add so much value to your home is that they offer much better security than the garage doors of the past. Many newer garage doors and door openers are much sturdier and harder to break into. Similarly, they have many new security features you cannot find in older garage door models. Some come with the ability to monitor garage door activity, so you can tell if someone is opening that shouldn’t. Many prospective homebuyers like to see this layer of protection when looking for their homes. These features will surely raise your home value and the sense of protection you and other buyers will feel.

More Safety Features

In addition to better security, many newer garage door openers also have more advanced safety features. In the past, garage doors haven’t always been the safest. They’re held up with different chains and motors, but those are liable to fail. Additionally, there weren’t too many mechanisms to prevent a garage door from falling and hitting your car—or worse, a person. Today’s garage doors have solved many of these issues, and while some parts will still fail here and there, safety mechanisms are in place to keep people from getting hurt. For example, many newer garage doors have an auto-reverse function that automatically opens the door if there is something in the way while it’s closing. Safety features like these are something that every prospective homebuyer wants to see when they’re out shopping. By installing a new garage door with these features, you are paying a little for a much higher return, as it increases the value of your home.

Curb Appeal

Another reason a new garage door can help improve your home’s value is that it simply looks good. Part of what makes a home more valuable is the size and the interior elements—but that home must also have immense curb appeal. A home that looks wonderful on the inside but is shoddy and dirty on the outside has a much lower value than one that looks good on the outside. It can be hard to maintain the outside of your home, but there are things you can do to raise that value, and one of those is installing a new garage door.

A Sense of Cohesion

A new garage door will look good, but it can also give your home a newfound sense of cohesion. Many homeowners don’t regularly replace their garage doors, but they do typically spruce up their homes once or twice. When you install a new garage door, you can add a new dimension to the home and make everything look more cohesive and put-together. In addition to matching the colors and design elements of your home, there are some unique styles of garage doors that will just look great and contribute a lot of value to your home, such as:
  • Carriage-style garage doors
  • Traditional raised-panel garage doors
  • Contemporary garage doors
There’s a lot to love with garage doors, and each of these unique styles can bring sophistication and style to your home, raising your curb appeal. These garage doors are not only functional, but they also significantly contribute to raising the value of your home.

Less Frequent Maintenance

Newer garage doors are also made using better construction than the garage doors of the past. Traditional garage doors used to require regular checks to ensure that everything was working smoothly. There would also be regular hiccups with the chains and belts that required regular intervention—or outright needed replacing. Today’s garage doors work better and break much less, meaning that homeowners require maintenance less frequently.

Better Insulation

Another reason why a new garage door can raise your home value is that it provides much better insulation. Insulation is great for keeping the noise of the streets out of the home, but this insulation also does wonders for the temperature inside your home. Because newer garage doors are better insulators, they can do a more efficient job of keeping the cold out and the heat in during the winter—and the opposite in the summer. Some people use their garage as a storage space for food and drinks, so they want everything to survive in extreme temperatures. An insulated garage door can help accomplish that. Others have converted their garage into a usable room; but without proper insulation, that room is only good for around half of the year. A new garage door with proper insulation can make that room usable all year round. Even if you simply store your car in the garage, this insulation can have a huge impact because it can keep your car a little warmer. That way, you don’t need to go to work in a freezing vehicle, with frost blocking your vision on your way out of the driveway.

Energy Bills

The insulation does wonders for the livability and utility of your garage space, and it will also help lower your energy costs. Insulation can keep your garage around 10 to 20 degrees warmer or cooler than an older model of garage door would, and those temperature differences affect the rooms next to the garage as well. Insulation makes these spaces more livable and helps keep your energy bills low—a factor that plays a significant role in your home’s value. A new garage door adds value to your home in multiple ways, which is why it is important to remember to consider making this upgrade when renovating your home. Neglecting the garage door won’t make or break the value of your home, but it can make a sizable difference. If you’re looking for new garage doors in Pittsburgh, PA, look no further than Steel City Garage Doors. We can help you find the right door for your home, and our professionals can install it in no time!
How New Garage Doors Add Value To Your Home
How New Garage Doors Add Value To Your Home