Spring, cables, and other key parts work hard to ensure your garage door works properly every time you open or close it. And eventually, all that use starts to show as components wear out and break down. Knowing when you should replace garage door springs is important since this part works to ensure the garage door opens and closes properly.

Signs of a Broken Spring

Spotting the signs that a spring is starting to go gives you a better idea of when to call an expert to repair the door. Common symptoms of a broken spring include:

  • Strange sounds when opening or closing the door
  • The door slamming shut
  • The garage door appearing unbalanced

None of these things are normal, so you should call a repair company as soon as possible if they occur. Chances are, one of the springs that helped suspend the door broke, and a simple replacement will end these issues.

When To Replace Your Spring

So, how often should you replace your garage door spring? Knowing when to replace the springs is a bit like knowing when you need to get an oil change for your car—time or usage. When it comes to your garage door springs, most experts recommend making a replacement after 10,000 cycles or every few years.

If you don’t use the garage door often, the springs could last for nearly 10 years. On the other hand, if you open and close the garage multiple times daily, you may need to replace the springs in a few years. In the end, it all comes down to how often you use the door.

Preventing Damage

You can prevent some damage by maintaining your door and lubricating the tracks twice per year. This helps reduce friction as the springs and other key components lift and suspend the door.

Tips for Finding a Repair Company

Although maintaining the garage door decreases the need for frequent repairs, everything wears out eventually. When searching for a company to repair your garage door, search for:

  • Companies with certifications
  • Recent customer reviews
  • Who’s in the area
  • Company reputation
  • Repair prices

As you search, consider talking to friends, family, and neighbors to see if they know of anyone. You should contact several companies for bids. You may find one company doesn’t answer many of your questions and uses poor parts. And you may also find a company that charges a fair price, uses quality parts, and puts all your concerns to rest.

Steel City Garage Doors

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