You should always feel safe in your home. Unfortunately, one of the easiest entry points into your home is your garage. One of the many functions of a good garage door is enhancing your home’s security. Here are some additional security tips you can follow to prevent a garage door break-in.

Upgrade to a Modern Garage Door Opener

New technology can make your garage and home safer. A modern garage door opener that uses rolling code technology is a great new line of defense. This security feature ensures that after every use, the access code automatically changes, prohibiting unauthorized entry that can occur with fixed codes.

Incorporate Motion-Detecting Floodlights

Motion-activated lights can also protect your home. Illuminate your driveway and garage area with motion-detecting floodlights. These powerful lights turn on when they sense movement in the area, creating a deterrent for anyone trying to approach or break into your garage door unnoticed.

Add a Garage Door Alarm

Many people know they can use alarms inside their homes for protection. They can also add them to their garages! A garage door alarm adds protection by alerting you in case of an attempted break-in and sounding an alarm to scare off intruders.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Another security tip to prevent garage door break-ins is to regularly maintain the door. Technological improvements are great, but they can’t change a weak or old garage door. When your garage door and its components are in great condition, you minimize the risk of malfunctions that could leave your garage and home vulnerable. If criminals see rust tracks, worn-out springs, or sluggish doors, they may think your garage and home are easy targets. They may also not take your technological protection measures seriously. Schedule professional maintenance for your garage door if you can’t do it yourself, or invest in a new garage door that won’t require heavy maintenance for a while. Taking the necessary precautions to prevent a security breach is paramount for your home’s safety. At Steel City Garage Doors, we want to help you protect your home. We offer garage doors in Pittsburgh that will contribute to a safe home, as well as 24/7 emergency services in case it needs maintenance. Contact us today!