When it comes to home improvement projects, there are a lot of things homeowners prefer to tackle independently. Although there are many things you can do yourself, installing a garage door should never be one of them. Not only is this task dangerous, but it’s also less efficient to do yourself. Keep reading to learn more about why you should hire a pro to install your garage door.

You Want It Done Right

When your garage door breaks, you call a repair company. Likewise, you contact an expert when the door doesn’t seem to hang the right way and becomes an eyesore. Both can occur if you try installing the door yourself because you don’t have the same level of training as a garage door installation professional. This home project or renovation requires the expertise of an individual with a high level of experience and knowledge of specific industry guidelines. Additionally, a pro will ensure the project looks perfect upon completion, which helps keep your home in top condition.

Check Company Qualifications

When hiring a garage door installation company, it’s important to look for experts that can get the job done. As you evaluate the options in your area, seek out a company that:
  • Has been in business for a while
  • Receives great reviews
  • Offers fair prices
  • Has the necessary certifications
These are all signs of a great company you can trust to take on the task of installing your garage door. And companies with certified technicians only hire workers with the level of knowledge required for installation—the main reason you’ll hire an expert.

Pro Tip

When searching for the best company in your area, you should also note what other services the business offers. Seek out one that also offers repairs so that you have someone to turn to if something goes wrong with your door in the future. Steel City Garage Doors is a garage door installation service that you can count on to install your door properly. We’ve worked in the industry for over six decades, so we can easily install your new door and offer our expert advice on the best option for your needs and home.

It’s More Efficient

Can you do this job yourself? Maybe, but it takes a lot longer. If you decide to try tackling this project yourself, you’ll have to spend hours researching how to install a door. You may need to review installation guides throughout the project if you run into problems. Plus, trying to install a garage door yourself may end up wasting more money than you’d spend hiring a company. How can that be? Many of us do DIY projects because it often saves some extra cash, but this isn’t always true. When it comes to your garage door and other key areas of the home, you’ll need specific tools you may not own. If you’re determined to install the garage door yourself, you’ll have to purchase these tools, which you may not use again. Plus, if you install the door incorrectly, you’ll have to hire a company to fix the work you did, which means wasted time and sometimes high repair fees.

Pro Tip

As garage door installation and repair experts, we always advise homeowners against making this a DIY project. You can do plenty of projects yourself, but it’s best to leave garage door installations to the professionals.

There’s a Warranty

When professionals complete the job, they typically offer a warranty that will protect the door and your pocketbook. Sometimes, things go wrong, and your garage door or a major component could break down. If you have a warranty, the company will return to your home and fix the issue at little to no charge.

It’s Safer for Everyone

Another reason to hire an expert to install your garage door is that it’s much safer. Garage doors are incredibly heavy, and experts receive ample training on correctly mounting the door so that it’s balanced and works properly. You can’t beat first-hand knowledge no matter how much research you do. In addition, improper installation can damage your home and lead to bodily harm if the door breaks. For instance, if you don’t place the springs correctly and fail to balance the door, it could come crashing down when opening or closing. Again, this is incredibly dangerous, as garage doors are heavy. Trying to install one by yourself is never advised.

Increased Security

Your garage is a part of your home, and it houses many of your belongings. You want it installed correctly to prevent thieves or pests from accessing this area of your property. When an expert takes on the job, you’ll have peace of mind knowing everything is secure.

You Can Ask Questions

You may not know what all your options are, especially if you’ve had the same door for over a decade. Like any technology, garage doors are constantly improving to give homeowners top-quality. Rather than rely on a remote to open and close the garage, you may want something that connects to your phone for 24/7 access. If you don’t contact an expert, you won’t have someone to turn to with all your questions or concerns. In turn, you may not fully understand all the great options available. You may have questions about the best material for the door or the right types of openers; an expert will give you the best advice.

Smart Garage Doors

Smart homes have grown in popularity, and these types of garage doors are great to have. These openers can connect your garage door to an app on your phone through a wireless internet connection. This allows you to open and close the door no matter where you are, so you no longer have to worry about being close enough to your home to close the garage door.

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