Garage doors are important for your home. If you don’t have a garage door opener, then you can’t enter your home through the garage. Garage door keypads are great assets, but they don’t always work as they should. Your garage door keypad might not work for a few reasons, but you can fix the issue and get your keypad working again in no time.

Wrong Code

One of the most obvious reasons the keypad isn’t’ working is that you’re not putting in the right code. It’s a simple and easy mistake, so ensure you’re doing it right before jumping to conclusions. Do you need to hit the pound sign or the star symbol before or after inputting the code? Since it’s a simple mistake, it’s a simple fix.

Dead Batteries

Another reason the keypad may not work is that its batteries are dead. Thankfully, replacing the batteries is a simple task. If the new batteries haven’t fixed the keypad, you may have a bigger issue.

Malfunctioning Code

One of the worst issues you can encounter with your keypad is a malfunctioning code, which means it isn’t operating as it should. You can spot this by observing the speed of the garage door as it opens and closes. Your code could be outdated, or inputting the wrong code could have interfered with the code itself. Depending on the keypad brand, you may be able to reset the code. If that’s not working, then it’s time to call in the professionals.

Stuck Keys

Another issue that’s easier to solve is stuck keys. Dust, grime, and dirt collect over time on your garage door keypad, and buildup can lead to sticky keys. The keypad may not register sticky keys when you press them. Thankfully, you can fix this issue by cleaning the keypad’s interior and exterior with a cloth or compressed air.

Frayed Wires

If it’s not the code, stuck keys, or dead batteries, the wiring may be causing problems. Over time, the elements can fray the wires to the point where they lose connection to the garage door opening system. If that’s the case, call in professionals who can handle garage door wiring issues. Your garage door keypad isn’t working for various reasons, but that doesn’t mean you can abandon it entirely. Understand the issue, and determine a solution. If it’s a mechanical issue you can’t handle yourself, don’t hesitate to contact a Pittsburgh garage door repair company you can rely on: Steel City Garage Doors. We’ve got everything you need to get your keypad up and running again in no time!