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Clopay Garage Doors are celebrated throughout Pennsylvania and the rest of the U.S. The company is famous for building beautiful, durable, and reliable garage doors that add value to homes. Currently, it is America’s favorite garage door brand, a consequence of its unrelenting focus on quality.

Now, you can get Clopay garage doors from Steel City Garage Doors. Just give us a call to arrange an installation.

What Makes Clopay Garage Doors So Special?

Here are some of the reasons why our customers regularly choose Clopay garage doors:

Doors To Match Your Style And Performance Requirements

Because Clopay is such a large and well-known garage door provider, the company offers a vast range of products designed to meet your style and performance requirements. Doors vary in terms of their insulation, operation, finish and materials. What’s more, they can all improve your home’s curb appeal, thanks to stunning design. Many times, Clopay garage door owners are able to recoup the costs when they come to sell their properties.

Made In America

While other manufacturers attempt to import and relabel cheap doors from overseas, Clopay Garage Doors are 100-percent made in America. The company has four manufacturing plants in the country and more than 52 distribution centers, ensuring that Americans can access its doors, no matter where they live.

Passions Behind Every Door

What makes Clopay so exceptional is their passion for what they do. The brand isn’t trying to run as many doors off its production lines as possible. Instead, it treats each door it sells as a hand-crafted artisanal good. Craftsmen inspect units for quality before shipping to distributors and all doors are made by skilled tradespeople based in the U.S.

The result is a different kind of garage door. It’s not an afterthought, but an integral part of your home’s design and curb appeal.

Steel City Garage Doors: Your Authorized Clopay Dealer

Steel City Garage Doors is an authorized Clopay dealer. That means that we are an official partner of the company and can sell their beautiful doors directly to customers like you.

Customers come to us for many reasons. First, we offer experienced staff. Our team can answer any garage door questions that you might have. What’s more, we offer an end-to-end, comprehensive service. With us, you can get garage door installation, repair and replacement services, all under one roof.

Steel City Garage Doors has seniority in the field. We’ve been working on garage door installations for over six decades across both commercial and residential sectors, and we have more than 100 years of combined experience in the field. As ever, we’re still family-run, giving you a personal, dedicated service to bring your garage door vision to life. 

If you’re looking to get stunning Clopay doors for your home, you’re in the right place. Our team is available to take your calls, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.