Garage doors are something a lot of families take for granted and don’t give a second thought. They serve a purpose. And unless they break or stop working, you likely don’t even consider them as actual pieces of machinery. In addition to their function, they have certain aesthetics, and some doors look better than others. It isn’t easy to know which is better for you when considering steel or aluminum garage doors. But you’ll learn the key differences if you read on!

Aluminum Garage Doors

Aluminum isn’t only in soda cans or foil. It can also be a durable material that looks good as a garage door. Some of the main benefits of aluminum garage doors are that they’re much lighter than steel and often less expensive. The cost benefits are significant, and the weight makes installation easy. Being lightweight also means the internal components don’t strain as much when the door opens and shuts, meaning less maintenance is necessary. Another key benefit is that aluminum is recyclable. So you can get a door comprised of recycled materials, and you can recycle it again when it’s no longer functional. The aluminum is also corrosion-resistant and will look good throughout the years. Unfortunately, because of the lightweight nature of aluminum, these doors are more susceptible to heavy rain and winds wearing them down over time.

Steel Garage Doors

In contrast to aluminum ones, steel garage doors are much heavier and more expensive. However, this additional price is a strong investment because these doors are incredibly durable. Unlike aluminum doors, extreme weather and humidity won’t wear down steel doors, and they’re strong enough to defend against break-ins as well. Similar to aluminum doors, manufacturers can make them from recycled materials, and you can recycle them when you opt for a new door. One of the main benefits of steel doors is that they’re incredibly versatile, meaning designers can make them in all sorts of styles, such as:
  • Traditional up-and-over doors
  • Sectional doors
  • Side-hinged doors
There’s a lot to love about these doors, but it all comes down to personal preference when trying to find which one is right for you and your home.

Which One Is Right for You?

To know which garage door you’ll need for your home, you must ask yourself some important questions. Considering your budget is the first thing you must do. Don’t forget that while steel may be more expensive, it’s an investment and can last longer over time. Steel will stand strong for years, but its durability means it will be heavier and potentially require more internal maintenance over time. Steel will also need a coat of protection to keep away corrosion. Be careful when weighing all these factors to get the right door! These are some of the major pros and cons of steel and aluminum garage doors, but finding out which is better for you comes down to personal preference. Both have their unique advantages over the other! Here at Steel City Garage Doors, we offer garage door replacement services and can get you whichever door you want—steel or aluminum. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to get the right door for you.