In many cases, the garage door makes up about one-third of a home’s entire front façade. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to give the aesthetics of this feature some serious thought.
A well-thought-out garage door can enhance the overall aesthetic of a home. A poorly chosen garage door, on the other hand, can be a veritable eyesore.
Just as there are various home styles, there also exists a myriad of garage door styles. We have put together a guide to selecting the garage door that will complement your home’s existing architecture:

Traditional or Craftsman-Style Home

If you own a craftsman style home that is reminiscent of the early 20th century arts and crafts movement, you likely require a unique garage door that will let the rest of the home shine.
Craftsman homes, as the name suggests, is a reaction to the Industrial Revolution, when designers and artists wanted to go back to uniquely crafted decorative arts in a period when many things were being mass-produced.
Stone and wood characterize traditional homes. The garage door that will best suit this style will be one of those that use the conventional roll-up mechanism, where hinged horizontal panels roll up on overhead¬ tracks. Some retro-modern homes integrate slab doors where the door opens by folding up as a single panel instead of three or four separate horizontal panels.

Rustic Home

Rustic homes bring to mind the countryside. It often creates a warm, cozy feel and appears as if an artisan designed it.
A door that swings open manually from the center is your best option. If you want a modern twist to the rustic, carriage-door types, find ones that open using automatic openers. These types offer ease of usage and a modern feel while retaining the charm of traditional swing doors.

Contemporary Home

Contemporary homes are characterized by solid colors and simple, straight lines with little to no ornamentation. The predominant colors in modern homes are usually black, gray, white, and brown.
A modern home that features sleek lines and high-tech materials should integrate a similar type of garage door. One of the more popular options is the one with tempered glass panels (frosted, clear, or tinted) encased in aluminum frames.

Color Tips

Traditional or craftsman home styles feature more colorful elements compared with the neutral, understated aesthetic of rustic and contemporary homes.
Ideally, the color of your garage door should reflect your window frames instead of your front door. You may also coordinate your garage door’s color with that of the brick or exterior siding. Remember to use a maximum of two or three colors on your home’s exterior.

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