You’ll need a garage door opener if your home has a garage. However, you don’t need the same type as everyone else—there are a variety of openers to choose from, and the two most common choices are overhead and wall-mount. There are some key differences between overhead and wall-mount garage door openers, and understanding those differences is the key to finding the one that works best for you.

Overhead Garage Doors

Overhead garage door openers are the most common, partly because they’re reliable and easy to use. Ceiling mounts are also cost-effective, as the initial purchase is affordable, and they don’t require much maintenance throughout their lifespan. Ceiling-mounted garage door openers can also lift doors consisting of heavier materials, such as steel, generating more options for garage door styles you can purchase. The main drawback of these openers is that they can take up ceiling space you may otherwise use for storage, and they can be loud. Consider your other options if you have a bedroom above the garage.

Wall-Mount Garage Doors

Wall-mounted garage door openers are a little more expensive, but they can still be a great option. Depending on your garage door’s design, this may be the best option for you to maintain adequate ceiling space storage. Many modern wall-mounted openers are also reliable and only require a small amount of maintenance over time.

As previously stated, the wall mount is a great choice, but it is less powerful than overhead garage doors, meaning it won’t be able to lift heavy doors as easily. These openers also require a significant amount of headroom to operate, so finding the right space for them can be tricky.

Key Differences

One of the key differences between wall-mounted garage door openers and overhead openers is that ceiling-mounted openers use a belt or chain to open and close your door. Conversely, wall mounts, also known as jackshaft openers, require a torsion bar to operate effectively. These bars twist to open and close the door.

Both wall-mounted and overhead garage door openers have pros and cons. There’s no clear answer about which one is better. It all comes down to personal preference, cost, and your ceiling’s design. Regardless of the opener you get, the installation is most important. We specialize in all things garage doors in Pittsburgh at Steel City Garage Doors. We can get your system set up and operational in no time! Don’t hesitate to call us today to install your opener system, or call us if you have any garage door issues you need fixing.