Various projects can improve your home, and several surround your garage door. Home improvement projects help boost curb appeal and make you happier since they can enhance security, improve your way of life, and make your house appear more modern. Upgrading your garage door is no different than enhancing other areas of the home, so check out these reasons to replace your garage door opener!

Enhance Safety

Depending on the age of your home and garage opener, the internal workings may not be up to code on current safety requirements. Modern openers have a laser that will prevent the door from closing if any person, object, or animal blocks the path. This feature is vital to protecting pets and young children who may not know the dangers of standing below a closing garage door.

Make it Quieter

If you have a room next to or above the garage, hearing a noisy garage door open and shut gets annoying in a hurry. Old garage door openers are usually louder because most are chain openers and use older parts; if you want something quieter, consider opting for a belt or screw drive opener.

Pro Tip

Before buying a new opener, weigh the pros and cons of each choice. Although some options may be quieter than a chain opener, that doesn’t mean it’s more durable, and you want the most bang for your buck.

Upgrade Your Home

Nowadays, there are many ways to upgrade your home to live more efficiently, and your garage door opener is no exception. With a new garage door opener, you can enhance your home and have improved ways of getting inside, such as:
  • Smart garage opener
  • Keypad openers
  • Wireless remotes
These upgrades give you other ways of getting into your house. For example, with a remote or smart opener, you can open the garage from your car after a long workday.

Increase Security

Another reason you should replace your garage door opener is to increase security. Many of us keep important or expensive belongings in the garage, such as lawnmowers, gardening tools, and power tools. When vandals have an easy way into your home, they could steal these items. If your garage connects to your home, they may also have access to the rest of the house. Openers are now more secure and harder to hack into, protecting your family and property.

The Old One No Longer Works

Sometimes, we don’t replace things because we want to but because we have to, and being a homeowner means tending to your property. A broken opener can decrease security and may also sound louder than normal.

Replace Your Garage Door Opener

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