A garage door can seem like a simple mechanical device, but many moving parts and pieces can stop the garage from working. In instances like these, it feels like you can almost do nothing to fix the problem. Read on for some of the most common garage door problems and emergencies and how you can take care of them.

Motor Running Without Door

A common problem you may encounter with your garage door is that the motor will run whenever you click to open it, but the door itself fails to move. In cases like these, one of the most common causes is that the limits are off. You’ll need to listen carefully to the motor sounds to properly adjust the limits and get the door to move with it again. Another issue that could cause this is that the door is somehow disconnected from the belt of the motor. It can get off the belt when someone accidentally pulls the emergency release cord. There are often specific instructions for reattaching the belt that is easy to follow.

Opener Not Working

One of the most common problems that you’ll run into with a garage door is that it doesn’t open with the opener switch. This can be an incredibly frustrating issue since there are a few likely causes, but it’s hard to know which one you need to look at and fix without looking at them all. Your opener switch could malfunction, the lock switch could be on, the motor gets unplugged, etc. These are some of the most common cases, but there are other more complicated reasons that the opener switch isn’t working. For example, a fuse could have burned out, or the photo-eye sensor gets covered or clouded.

The Power Is Out

Another common problem that is more of an emergency is that the power is out in your home. Something like this can be catastrophic because you need a car to go out and potentially get a generator or help bring power back. If the power is out, your vehicle may be stuck in the garage, and it can be impossible for you to get out and get the help you need. Thankfully, in situations like these, garage repair services can help you get out and help you get that garage working again. The most common garage door problems and emergencies are relatively different issues, but they all present themselves in one way—an inability to use the door properly. It can be incredibly annoying in instances like these because you desperately need to get in and out of your garage. Thankfully, Steel City Garage Doors has you covered. We are one of the best garage door repair services in Pittsburgh and can take care of you and your garage day or night!