Windows are great accent pieces for the exterior of your home, and you can even install them in your garage door if you want. However, there are reasons many homes don’t have windows on their garage doors. There are pros and cons to installing a garage door with windows, so read on before you proceed with the installation.

Pro: Cleaning, Repair, Maintenance

Windows are easier to clean than painted door panels. A little bit of Windex and some newspaper is all you need, while the painted door panels require extra effort. Therefore, one of the advantages of having windows in your garage door is that you’ll have much less surface area to clean intensely. Depending on the kind of windows you get, your garage door panel space could decrease quite significantly. In addition to easier cleaning, windows are quite resistant to the outside elements. So over time, you won’t need to do a lot to keep them in the best condition. You could get a broken window, but repair on that window is simpler than repairing a dented or broken garage door panel.

Con: Broken Windows

Speaking of broken windows, glass is easier to clean and repair, but it’s more vulnerable than paneling. A garage door can take a stray ball or tree branch, but under the right conditions, something like that can easily break a window in your garage door. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to avoid this kind of situation. For example, consider investing in tempered glass. It’s much more powerful than normal glass, meaning it’s less likely to break or suffer other kinds of damage. Again, a broken glass window is also simpler to replace than a garage door panel. Yes, you will need to purchase a new window and maybe even hire professionals to install the window, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not too terrible. Additionally, if you know how to be careful with your windows, you can avoid accidents like these. You can potentially avoid broken windows entirely by not playing catch around the windows and trimming branches around the garage that are getting too long.

Pro: Increased Property Value

Another major pro for garage doors with windows is that they can help increase the property value of your home. Even if you think you won’t notice the windows too much or think they’ll be a hassle to maintain, you should consider going forward with the investment. Windows help make the garage door look like an extension of the home instead of an abrupt attachment, bringing everything together. Cohesion like this is something prospective homebuyers look for, meaning that when you sell your home, you can potentially get more money than you would otherwise. Simple additions like this can make the biggest difference when it comes time to sell your home, so be sure to consider windows when designing your garage.

Con: Privacy and Security Risk

Depending on the size and placement of your windows, they could serve as a privacy and security risk. Small windows near the top of your garage door won’t make the biggest difference, but they can still be risk factors that you should consider. Even if a homeowner doesn’t have anything to hide, the idea of someone looking inside and seeing what’s in your garage can turn some people away from garage door windows. In addition to people looking inside your garage, some intruders may even try to use windows as access points into your home, breaking them and sneaking in. Depending on your location, considering these factors will be an important part of deciding whether you want windows. Alternatively, you could still get windows and carefully choose the size and location to minimize privacy and security risks. You could also get frosted glass, so light can still come in, but visibility will be low or nonexistent for potential intruders.

Pro: More Personalization

One of the greatest benefits of windows in your garage is that you can personalize them to fit your home’s design. For example, if your home is modern, instead of a simple steel or aluminum garage door, you can vary things by including some frosted glass panels. This will give it a more modern look. Similarly, consider a carriage-style garage door with small window panels near the top if your home has an older look and feel. It’s functional and adds to the cohesion of your entire home. These personalization options are great for increasing the property value of your home, but they also help enhance your home’s curb appeal. A garage door that better matches your home is more welcoming to people passing by and will make a positive impression.

Con: Garage Door Balance

Unfortunately, installing windows can sometimes interfere with the balance of your garage door. A garage door and the opening mechanisms have a careful balance. Installing windows can throw everything off-balance if you’re not careful. If you’re adding windows onto your garage door instead of getting an entirely new one, you may run into this issue. To avoid these balance issues that will harm the door and opener over time, consider buying a door with pre-installed windows.

Pro: Natural Light

One of the biggest and most obvious benefits of having windows on your garage door is that they’ll help bring in natural light. The standard lighting in a garage is dim and artificial. Natural light has plenty of benefits for the mind and body, but it also just looks better. Natural light can help turn your garage into a calmer space. You’ll save money, too, since you won’t need to artificially light your garage anymore during the day.

Con: Less Energy Efficiency

A final con for windows is that they could make your garage less energy efficient. The standard garage door has insulation material that helps keep the garage cool or warm, depending on the season. Removing some of that insulation for windows will make it harder for the garage to keep out the unwanted hot or cold air. There are both pros and cons to installing a garage door with windows. But if you decide to buy them, installation requires the help of a professional. If you’re unsure which Pittsburgh garage door service company to go with, come to us at Steel City Garage Doors. We are the professionals you can rely on for quality installation, service, and emergency repairs. We’re available to help with all your garage door needs 24-7! Pros and Cons of Installing a Garage Door With Windows