Garage doors are everywhere, but most people take them for granted. It’s a piece of machinery that allows a person to leave their car in their garage without worry, but the door can break after years and years of use. There are some delicate components in the garage door opening system, such as cables, and most people don’t know what to do if their garage door cable snaps. It can be scary and feel like you’re trapped, but thankfully, there are ways to fix it.

What Is a Garage Door Cable?

When you open and close your garage door, the springs counterbalance the door’s weight. This process puts a lot of tension on the springs, and cables run through the springs to prevent them from potentially recoiling. The cable type depends on the spring, but all cables can break and leave you unable to use your garage door safely.

Avoid Using the Door

If you suspect a cable snapped, you should first stop using the door entirely. If both cables snap, you will create issues with the spring when trying to use the door. If one cable snaps, using the door will only lead to additional problems. For example, the cable that’s not broken and the spring associated with it will be under even more strain without the other cable to support it. Not to mention that only having one working cable can lift the door unevenly, making it crooked, unbalanced, and unable to close properly.

What To Do if the Door Is Open

Sometimes, the cable can snap while you open the garage, leaving it open to the elements. Leaving the door open is not something most people want to do. In this instance, you’ll need to cut the unbroken cable. Doing so will help the door lower, and the contents of your garage and home can be safe. Don’t worry about breaking the cable, as the professionals will change both cables to ensure even wear.

Calling a Professional

Your best bet in fixing the garage door cable promptly and safely is calling a professional. They have the knowledge and experience that comes with working on garage doors and cables of all shapes and sizes and can get your door working again in no time. Another benefit of calling the professionals is that they have the proper tools to finish the repair without damaging any other parts of the door or opening mechanism.

A cable snapping in your garage door is bad, but it isn’t the end of the world. There are things you can do if your garage door cable snaps, and one of the best options is getting professionals to help. At Steel City Garage Doors, we offer 24-hour garage door repair to bring your door back to life in no time. During the repair, we can also see if anything else is wrong with your opening system that needs addressing. We are the premier emergency garage door repair service you can rely on!