When you leave your garage door damaged, you are leaving it vulnerable to break-ins, high winds, and other incidents that could destroy your property and harm you and your household. Ideally, your door should be durable and resistant to outdoor environments and unwanted guests. These are just some of the risks you and your home face when left with a damaged garage door.

Break-ins and Trespassing

According to security consultant Jarrod Calvert, garage doors are one of the weak points of a home and are the typical target entry points of robbers, trespassers, and other criminals looking for a home to break into or seek shelter.

It is easy for criminals to enter a garage if homeowners have a habit of forgetting to close their garage door or leaving the door open and easily accessible. There are several ways for criminals to enter the garage even when the door is functional, but when there is damage, it becomes much easier for them to break since the security measures you may have are non-operational.

Damage from Weather and Strong Wind

Apart from making it easy for criminals to break in, damaged doors can also be vulnerable to high winds during a hurricane or tornado. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, if your area experiences high winds, an unreinforced garage door may receive further damage or can snap out of its hinges.

When the latter happens, outdoor winds and outdoor debris the wind is carrying can enter your exposed garage. Your belongings are exposed to wind that can blow them away or debris that can cause damage. The wind may also result in dangerous and expensive structural damage in your home.

Repairing the Damage

Experts and even FEMA recommend that trained technicians and engineers determine the need for reinforcement, replacement, or repair, not done by a non-professional. This is because garage doors can produce a lot of force, so it can be dangerous for them to handle a broken door.

Competent licensed technicians were trained to handle different door repairs and can be trusted to fix your garage door.

Your garage door is vulnerable to external damage that not only risks breaking but also damages your belongings and property if left unaddressed. As soon as you see your door has signs of damage, you must have it repaired by experienced professionals.

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