When you find that your garage door needs repairs, you may be tempted to save a few hundred dollars by doing research online, skimming through blogs and forums, and fixing it as a Do-It-Yourself or DIY project. As the trusted provider of top-rated garage door repairs in Pittsburgh, we are here to tell you why this is a bad idea. Apart from the risks to your household and safety, it is an impractical project for you — something you should leave to the professionals.

Protection Against External Elements

Your garage door serves as a barrier against external elements. It is a big responsibility to keep it functional and durable. If you have little experience and skill, are you sure you want to handle its repairs?

Garage doors are one of the most common targeted entry points of trespassers and criminals looking to seek shelter, steal your possessions, or cause harm to your household. According to security specialists, it takes less than two minutes to gain access to your home through your garage. Reinforcing your functional garage door will deter them from entering or, at least, make it difficult.

There is also the natural risks of weather. Hurricanes and storms may cause severe damage to your garage door. If it cannot withstand the high winds, it will break and expose the room and its contents. In fact, given the shape of most garages, strong winds passing through the room causes internal pressure, which may damage the entire building’s structure.

The Risks of DIY with Little Experience

Even the Federal Emergency Management Agency agrees that any reinforcement, replacement, or repair for garage doors needs someone with the skills to handle the task. It shows just how dangerous it is to have experienced technicians work on your repairs.

Apart from the issue of being qualified, consider the risks you might face should you decide to repair your garage door on your own. An average door weighs at least 400 lbs. Should anything happen, the force of it falling on your body is enough to break many bones and, in extreme cases, prove to be fatal. Do you know what one of the main reasons listed by the Consumer Products Safety Commission for garage door injuries is? The doors were fixed improperly.

What Can I Do?

If you lack the experience or skills, do not try to do it yourself. Instead, maintain your garage and call a professional when it appears you need repairs. Keep your garage indoors and gutters clean. Monitor your door, walls, and foundation. Do not accept the help of just any repair service; find reliable technicians who can help you immediately.

Your garage door is an integral part of your home. It protects your home’s structure, you, and your family. With so many risks, investing in the services of professional and trusted garage door technicians is a better idea than performing a DIY project.

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