A home is big, and there are a lot of features and appliances that can break. Some of these features are easy to repair, and you can do a quick Google search and have them taken care of in no time, but others are trickier and more dangerous. For example, your garage door is a surprisingly delicate and dangerous piece of equipment, and if you continue reading, you can learn why you shouldn’t replace your garage door spring yourself.

It’s Complicated

One of the main reasons why you shouldn’t replace your garage door spring yourself is that it can be a pretty complicated undertaking, especially if you’ve never done anything like it before. Garage door opening systems contain many parts and pieces, and several varieties exist. This variety means that finding the correct spring for your unique system can be difficult. The search becomes even more complicated once you realize there are various spring sizes for the different garage doors. Installation isn’t easy, and finding the proper spring won’t be a walk in the park either.

It’s Tough

As mentioned in the last point, finding the correct spring for your door isn’t the easiest, but what’s even trickier is installing the spring. Changing your spring out requires you to remove the older spring, carefully calibrate the new spring, and smoothly and evenly install it. The spring controls how the door moves when you turn on the opening mechanism; if you don’t perfectly calibrate it, the door will jerk uncontrollably. Something like this could be tolerable, but it puts the door and the whole opening mechanism at risk. It will prematurely age and damage the spring, the opener tracks, and even the door itself.

You Can Hurt Yourself

In addition to spring replacement being a challenging task where you can damage the garage door, it’s also easy to hurt yourself. Part of why it’s so easy to hurt yourself is that you must navigate the complex system to replace the springs. The springs you want to replace are already under great tension holding up that garage door, and without the correct tools and procedures, you can break your fingers. The springs can also snap, and pieces can fly, damaging items in your garage and potentially causing lacerations to yourself or anyone else in the vicinity. It’s important that you don’t replace your garage door spring yourself because of how dangerous it can be for you and your garage. Thankfully, getting the right professionals to help you is easy! We’ll meet your garage door needs, like garage spring replacement, at Steel City Garage Doors. Keep the danger away and let the professionals take care of this tricky task!