Your garage door is a major part of your home; it lets you in and out of the garage but opens with a machine. This machine can move the heavy weight of the garage door with ease, allowing you to open and close it with a simple click of a button. Sometimes, the door opens slower than normal, making you wonder what’s wrong. Your garage door may be opening slowly for a few reasons. Once you spot and fix them, you can get your door back in working order.

Faulty Tracks

Your garage door is attached to a track that keeps the door stable when opening and closing. However, things can get thrown off when obstructions are on the track. If you notice one side is moving at a different speed than the other, there could be an issue with the tracks. Obstructions like rocks or debris could be blocking the tracks. They could also be misaligned or bent. Whatever it may be, check for signs of damage on your track to determine if this is the source of the issue.

Malfunctioning Motor

Another cause of a slow garage door is a malfunctioning motor. However, you may notice more issues than just a slow door—the door might stop after opening a few inches. These issues happen when the motor fails to provide sufficient power and the door simply cannot open all the way.

Poor Transmission Signal

The cause of the issue could also be a poor transmission signal. If your transmitter does not send a clear signal to open or close the door, it won’t work as it should. There could be something wrong with the receiver in the opening mechanism or your remote. Change the batteries and test the opener. If you’re still having issues, something else is slowing the door.

Worn Rollers

Worn rollers are another common reason your door may open slowly, but this cause is more obvious because it will produce loud noises. Old rollers can be very noisy and cause the garage to move slowly when opening or closing due to friction. If you think this is the issue, look for cracked or worn-out rollers. Replace them as needed.

When you spot these common reasons your garage door is opening slowly, you can try to fix them yourself. However, if it seems out of your control or you can’t determine the reason for the problem, call in the professionals at Steel City Garage Doors. We’re a Pittsburgh garage door service provider that can breathe life back into your garage so it will open and close with ease again.