Some home issues are easy to fix, like adjusting the water pressure in your shower. However, a number of issues can be disastrous, like a stuck garage door. Your garage door may be getting stuck for many reasons, so it’s important to identify the causes and take the necessary steps to get your door working again.

Faulty Opener

One of the most common issues with a stuck garage door comes from the garage door opener. A mechanism in your garage, either on the ceiling or a wall, connects to the garage door through a system of chains, belts, springs, and pulleys. If your garage door is sticking while you’re opening or closing it, then there may be an issue with the chain or belt. If you have the mechanical chops, you could diagnose and address the issue yourself, but it may be better to call in the professionals.

Sensor Obstructions

Another reason your garage door could get stuck and not close or open all the way is that something is obstructing the sensor after you’ve activated the door. Modern garage doors have a safety feature near the ground where a sensor prevents the door from closing if something passes by it. This feature has saved lives and property, but it can also be frustrating when the door won’t close despite nothing triggering the sensor. Obstructions can come in all shapes and sizes, so inspect the area and remove anything in the way. If that doesn’t fix your issue, then there’s something else going on.

Track Misalignment

A garage door runs on a track to move, and that track can easily get misaligned. Debris on the track can make the door get stuck or move the opposite way. If your garage door gets stuck and you notice that it’s leaning in one direction, check to see if the rollers have dislodged. Then, realign them to get the door rolling again.

Your garage door may be getting stuck for a few different reasons, but what matters is the solution. You can fix some issues yourself, but if you’re unsure how to proceed, let Steel City Garage Doors help. We’re a garage door company in Pittsburgh with decades of experience, so we can fix your issue for you in no time!